Welcome to the website of Dennis Klocek, artist, scientist, teacher, researcher, gardener, and alchemist. Here you will find lecture downloads, art prints for sale (not available yet), articles to read, and more.

Dennis' work focuses on soul work, meditation, consciousness and physiology, biodynamic gardening, weather, and teaching.


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Recent Articles

Anxiety and the World Soul

By Dennis Klocek | July 21, 2020

A Path Towards Earth Stewardship

By Dennis Klocek | June 11, 2020

If there is a potential benefit from the current health issues globally it might be that having a garden in your backyard now seems like a good idea. It’s interesting…

Hunger and Craving in the Will

By Dennis Klocek | June 11, 2020

The structure of human will regarding satisfaction is a key to the process of healing. The human organism has a biological basis for satisfying hunger it’s also true that humans…

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