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New Book! The Alchemical Marriage

By Ben Klocek October 19, 2021

We’re pleased to announce the publication of a book that has been many years in the making, The Alchemical Wedding – Christian Rosenkreutz, the Initiate of Misunderstanding. From the back of the book: Filled with alchemical metaphors, coded words, and images, Dennis Klocek describes—in his inimitable style—much of the profound meaning behind the colorful and…

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The Backwards Review or “Ruchschau”

By Dennis Klocek September 27, 2021

“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing” Meister Eckhart In Rudolf Steiner’s work, the backwards review of the day in images is known in German as Ruchschau, loosely translated as looking at movement. We could call the exercise the Backwards Review. The backwards review is a practical and potent alchemical force for…

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Video Series: Temperaments and Health – An Alchemical Tutorial

By Ben Klocek August 27, 2021

In this series by Dennis Klocek, he outlines a different way to look at health through the temperaments. Part 1: Phase Theory and Element Theory In the first video, he compares the similarities between the contemporary phase theory of matter (solid, liquid, gas, warmth) and and the older element theory (earth, water, air, fire). Part…

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Video Series: Plant Sprays

By Ben Klocek August 24, 2021

This new series is the result of several days spent with Dennis over 6 months, in which he shared how the plant sprays he uses affect growth, how to make them, and some tricks he’s learned along the way. Video 1: Why Use Plant Sprays? Secrets to abundant oil, flower and fruit production in the…

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Video: Three Peoples Parable

By Dennis Klocek May 5, 2021

There once was an island on which three peoples remain isolated due to their fear of perceived differences. Dennis Klocek tells a parable about fear of the other using his unique storytelling sculptures.

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Video: Fine Art Wood Sculpture by Dennis Klocek

By Ben Klocek February 24, 2021

As a master of fine art, Dennis has been sculpting in wood for many years. Dennis was invited by an anthroposophical art gallery in the Jarna Community of Sweden to a virtual art show. We created several videos using his art and stories to share with them. Some of Dennis more recent sculptures have been…

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Video: Alchemical Extraction using a Mary’s Bath

By Ben Klocek February 1, 2021

We’re using a device called a mary’s bath to extract resin from powdered myrrh to make a preparation called the three Kings. Learn how to use a Mary’s Bath to safely “loosen” compounds for making medicinal or biodynamic substances.

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Grandpa’s Gruel

By Dennis Klocek January 22, 2021

This gruel is filling to the belly, a good complete source of nutrition during healing, and well tolerated by sensitive digestions. 2 1/2 qts hot, lemon balm, chamomile tea2 1/2 cups oatmeal1 can (13 oz.) light coconut milk1/3 cup slippery elm bark powder1 Tbsp butter1/2 tsp saltyour favorite sweetenerfive sticks of astragalus In a slow…

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The Prayerful Warrior

By Dennis Klocek January 22, 2021

The developmental signs of advancement in an alchemical soul practice usually involve some sort of healing crisis brought on by a discharge in the soul of accumulated assumptions and belief structures.  Most often these assumptions are not perceived by the student in a conscious way. They arise like dream fragments in the daily life and…

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Working with Symbolic Images

By Dennis Klocek January 19, 2021

ALCHEMICAL EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS Alchemically, learning requires that there be a  process of soul breathing , that is the capacity to form accurate inner pictures that we can follow as they change inside of us.  The process of finding and then refining inner pictures is a form of breathing that can be cultivated into imagination. Exercise:…

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