Soul Breathing

By Dennis Klocek / July 22, 2011 / Comments Off on Soul Breathing

Soul breathing exercises are useful tools for transforming stuck belief structures in the soul. The first set (Spirit Biography) addresses issues in your past that have served to form beliefs in the present. These forces in your life constitute your spirit biography. They are impulses only dimly sensed by you but that form an energetic…

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Anxiety and the World Soul

By Dennis Klocek / April 5, 2011 / Comments Off on Anxiety and the World Soul

The recent earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan are truly events that warrant sympathy and compassion for the Japanese people who lost family, livelihood and property to catastrophe. The death of so many people in such a short time gives cause for reflection on the tenuous nature of human life. Due to the…

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Techniques for Transforming Dreaming

By Dennis Klocek / March 22, 2011 / Comments Off on Techniques for Transforming Dreaming

Meditation – Dennis Klocek The technique of transforming dreaming is to saturate the going into sleep and the waking up times with as much attention and devotion as possible. For this reason Rudolf Steiner has given a number of very useful exercises and indications concerning these times of day. The fundamental idea however is not…

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The Great Karma Exercise

By Dennis Klocek / March 22, 2011 / Comments Off on The Great Karma Exercise

The roots of the karma exercise lie in the capacity to form an inner picture and hold it at will and then to dissolve it at will. Practice this form of imagining for five minutes as a prelude to the karma exercise.  This puts the soul in touch with an inner force that an alchemist…

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The Prayerful Warrior

By Dennis Klocek / March 22, 2011 / Comments Off on The Prayerful Warrior

The developmental signs of advancement in an alchemical soul practice usually involve some sort of healing crisis brought on by a discharge in the soul of accumulated assumptions and belief structures.  Most often these assumptions are not perceived by the student in a conscious way. They arise like dream fragments in the daily life and…

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Glyphs of the Zodiac

By Dennis Klocek / February 7, 2011 / Comments Off on Glyphs of the Zodiac

The constellations of the zodiac are traditionally rendered in pictographs called glyphs. In the ancient world the glyphs were carved into stone and the priests would run their fingers along the groove to enter into a trance state. In the trance they could tell the future and were able to tell the peasants when to…

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A Periphery / Center Exercise

By Dennis Klocek / January 3, 2011 / Comments Off on A Periphery / Center Exercise

This exercise can help to develop a sense of the continuity of consciousness across the threshold to the next world. It begins with the inner imagination that we are in our bodies looking out at a starry sky. We imagine that our soul is expanding outwards towards the stars. It is expanding in a circle.…

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The Power of Belief – Some thoughts for the New Year

By Dennis Klocek / January 3, 2011 / Comments Off on The Power of Belief – Some thoughts for the New Year

That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming. ~Emerson Human beings have a fundamental need to believe in something.  Beliefs are generally divided into two categories, immanent and transcendent. These…

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Jonah and the Whale: An encrypted Alchemical Meditation

By Dennis Klocek / December 2, 2010 / Comments Off on Jonah and the Whale: An encrypted Alchemical Meditation

One of the keys to thinking about legends and myths is paying attention to the sequence in which things happen. The sequence of events is most revealing to the level of consciousness called by Carl Jung “symbolic” and by Rudolf Steiner “Imagination.”  To an alchemist the imaginative or imaginal thinking is a way of understanding…

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Storm of the Centry 1979

By Dennis Klocek / September 3, 2010 / Comments Off on Storm of the Centry 1979

The atmosphere is a river of air flowing above our heads in ceaseless meandering currents and eddies. The patient observer can come to recognize what are known as singularities in the deceptively chaotic flow of this great river of air. A singularity is a pattern that repeats itself in subtle but recognizable sequences. Most often…

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