Growth Regulating Hormonal Plant Sprays

Understanding the difference between “spreading” and “stemming” in plant growth patterns, is a doorway to the deeper mysteries of how hormones affect plant growth.

This pattern is used to describe a whole system of plant sprays that can be made from natural substances to influence plant growth from root to seed.

Includes *recipes* and experimental results!

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Metals as Cosmic Sense Organs

Metals are cosmic activities that have come down to live in physical bodies. They are only barely incarnated. Sense organs themselves are very incarnated but the activities of the sense organs are still living in the world of the becomings of things. For this reason, a good linkage can be made between the sense activities…

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The Principles and Process of Gem Sprays for Medicinal Plants

Recent research on the relationship between climate change and plant growth has revealed an unusual paradox. It seems that the more CO2 a plant has available in the atmosphere the larger it grows. However this growth is accompanied by a ubiquitous 8% reduction in potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, and plant protein in the cells of…

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Video: Fava Bean Plant Spray for Boosting Growth

This easy-to-make plant spray is excellent for boosting plants. It works great to get a second harvest. It’s good used on plants like Lemon Balm or Helichrysum when harvesting for essential oils. By marinating young (1-3in tall) fava bean roots in a fulvic acid/water solution made by soaking/decomposing tree leaves in water, you can produce…

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Study Notes for Membrane Transport (For making your own liposomal sprays)

Liposomes can trap both hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances and unstable compounds (for example, antimicrobials, antioxidants, flavors and bioactive elements). Proteins creating transport channels across phospholipid membranes, mitochondrial and chloroplast inner membranes require more proteins for transport. (Egg yolks have proteins as well as lipids. Egg lecithin is useful for production of liposomes it produces more…

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The Book of Trials: On the Path to Seeing the Nature of Spirit

All those who seek to understand the world through the workings of spirit will meet the Guardian of the Threshold, who shows us our own true inner nature, the noble and the ignoble. To cross the threshold from the physical world into the spiritual as a practice of initiation, we are presented with trials through…

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