Surrender and Submission in the Soul

By Dennis Klocek August 17, 2022
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In dialog, our tone determines much of how our words will be received. Trust is built when we are conscious of our tone, creating a “free space” where both people feel safe enough to surrender to the other.

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What is alchemy?

By Dennis Klocek January 11, 2021
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Mention the word alchemy and most people would imagine some crazy guy trying to change lead into gold. While that is true “Lead” and “Gold” in alchemical symbolism are code words for what is corruptible “Lead”, and what is not “Gold”.  Corruptible means it will decay in time and lose its form. Seen that way,…

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Climate change debate; can we turn down the heat?

By Dennis Klocek July 14, 2016 Comments Off on Climate change debate; can we turn down the heat?
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There are many ways to think about the climate change debate and almost all of them lead to paradox and polarization. At the physical level of the debate, there are those who say that “greenhouse” gases have increased dramatically since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Greenhouse gases are gases that trap warmth in the…

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The Heart of Clay

By Dennis Klocek August 16, 2010
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It has been said that by working the soil it is possible to do in a few years what would take nature thousands of years to accomplish. Intensive soil cultivation and the addition of proper soil amendments can aggregate sandy soil to give it more crumb or open heavy lime marls to give them more…

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