Video: Truth, Lies and Illness

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Part 1: The Psychology of Lying

The human organism has safeguards against biological stresses resulting from sense experience. All sense experience stimulates the autonomic nervous system to interact with the immune system to maintain health. Primitive flight or fight sensory pathways in nerves are soothed by biographical memory patterns that give meaning to chronic, reactive immune responses. Meaning stabilizes the human soul through the fundamental search for truth that is the basis of secure moral outlooks. The fail safe of human health is based on the ability of the soul to give meaning to the world.

Lies of all kinds impede the ability of the nervous system to achieve balance since there is no way for a human to give meaning to a lie. Lies disturb the life forces by confusing the fundamental human search for meaning. When lies outweigh truth in the daily round of a population, the door is opened to pathogens with a resulting widespread loss of integrity in immune response.

This zoom presentation by Dennis Klocek will trace these patterns and suggest some remedial practices to guard against the failure of immune response that is a biological symptom of a “post-truth” epidemic of world wide lying.

Part 2: Overcoming Anxiety

Stresses caused by anxiety and uncertainty tax the immune system in multiple ways. Reducing anxiety is a great aid to establishing better health.

This session of Soil, Soul and Spirit will address the roots of anxiety in the hormonal exchanges between the nervous system and the blood.

Outer sensation of the manifest world creates tension in the human body. This input stream is regulated by secretions of glands that alert the organs of the body to tension. The glands then activate the chemistry of digestion that ultimately feeds inner sensations back into the nervous system. These two pathways of sensation alternate to create either feelings of anxiety or feelings of well being.  They move towards resolution each night in the rapid eye movement dream phases of sleep.

The presentation will sketch these pathways and then suggest practical mental and dietary approaches to reducing stress anxiety that weakens immune response.

Part 3: Creating Immune Strengthening Tonics

In an acute injury such as a broken bone or damaged organ the great intelligence of the body instigates an aggressive inflammatory response at the injury site. Ideally when healing commences the immune inflammation self regulates downward towards a steady state. Such acute ”insults” occur in short time spans and require strong immune intervention.

In chronic illness patterns, immune response has difficulty regulating healing since the “insult” is repeated through time. Inoculations can address pathogens but do little to remedy the extended illness symptoms of chronic immune weakness.

Tonic remedies made from medicinal plants when taken daily in small amounts work on the whole system rather than targeting a specific pathogen.

Traditional recipes for these tonics cover a wide range of applications for allowing the wisdom of the body to adapt to ongoing chronic dysfunction. This session will address the creation of effective adaptogenic tonics that can be made in the kitchen. These traditional tonics provide a good way to support the protective forces of the human immune system.