Video: Fava Bean Plant Spray for Boosting Growth

July 17, 2023
By Dennis Klocek 1 min read

This easy-to-make plant spray is excellent for boosting plants. It works great to get a second harvest. It’s good used on plants like Lemon Balm or Helichrysum when harvesting for essential oils.

By marinating young (1-3in tall) fava bean roots in a fulvic acid/water solution made by soaking/decomposing tree leaves in water, you can produce a natural plant hormone spray that will significantly boost all round plant growth.

Marinate the roots for a few days, then filter the mix into your sprayer and dilute as necessary. A little goes a long way. It’s best to spray while it’s still a bit fresh.

Fulvic acid is nature’s great solvent. Made when tree leaves are soaked in rainwater over several months, it gently leaches the growth forces out of the young fava bean roots and make them available to the plant in a foliar spray.

Dennis uses fallen mulberry leaves and maple leaves for his fulvic acid solution, other types of leaves may change it’s subtle qualities, to harm or benefit. Pay attention to plant growth beneath the tree to determine how it might affect your solution.

For more on this, please see Gems and Plants for Healing Chronic Illness – Greenwood Gathering a video presentation of these concepts, or join us in Gem and Plant August-September 2023 to learn how to make your own plant sprays.


Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at

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