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SOUL Course Series One: Social Soul Tools

By Dennis Klocek | March 6, 2022

Part 1 – Soul and Spirit; Part 2 – Soul to Soul; and Part 3 – Soul and Senses

SOUL Course Series Two: Soul Storytelling

By Dennis Klocek | July 27, 2022

Part 4 – Soul and Myth; Part 5 – Soul and symbol; and Part 6 – Soul and Karma

SOUL Course Series Three: Soul and the World

By Dennis Klocek | September 5, 2022

Part 7 – Soul and Color; Part 8 – Soul and Suffering: The Flaming Door; and Part 9 – Soul and Ceremony

Mystery Wisdom Introduction

By Dennis Klocek | November 10, 2010

These presentations form a short course on the fundamental language that composes what Rudolf Steiner called mystery wisdom. Mystery wisdom is the teachings of the perennial philosophy presented in a context that addresses the soul issue present for human beings who are searching in vain for eternal teachings in the present technical world view. The…

Neurology and Education

By Dennis Klocek | January 21, 2022

Dennis surveys the history of the study human consciousness and compares older concepts with contemporary neurological discoveries regarding learning difficulties and limbic structures in the brain.

Spiritual Physiology: The Heart

By Dennis Klocek | November 23, 2021

To build the world in the I, to behold the I in the world, is breathing of the soul. To sense the universal all in feeling of one’s inner self is wisdom’s pulse. To trace the paths of the Spirit in one’s own aims of life is inner speech of Truth. So let the Soul’s…

Lung, Liver, and Dew

By Dennis Klocek | November 23, 2021

Learn about the alchemical concept of “dew” and how that may be understood as the becoming of our organs of perception.

Technology: Belly of the Beast – Audio Lecture

By Dennis Klocek | October 23, 2021

Learn to see technology through the perception of will forces and unlock it’s hidden dimensions.

Impulse Control – An emotional epidemic

By Dennis Klocek | April 1, 2013

The course addresses the issue of impulse control in contemporary life.

The Nine Subtle Bodies – Full Course

By Dennis Klocek | February 24, 2011

This course covers the subtle bodies of he human being according to the teachings of Rudolph Steiner. The sixteen presentations are accompanied by exercises designed to evoke the consciousness of the particular body that is being presented in the lecture part of the session.