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SOUL Course Series One: Social Soul Tools

By Dennis Klocek | March 6, 2022

Part 1 – Soul and Spirit; Part 2 – Soul to Soul; and Part 3 – Soul and Senses

SOUL Course Series Two: Soul Storytelling

By Dennis Klocek | July 27, 2022

Part 4 – Soul and Myth; Part 5 – Soul and symbol; and Part 6 – Soul and Karma

SOUL Course Series Three: Soul and the World

By Dennis Klocek | September 5, 2022

Part 7 – Soul and Color; Part 8 – Soul and Suffering: The Flaming Door; and Part 9 – Soul and Ceremony

SOUL Course Series Four: Soul Initiation

By Dennis Klocek | December 18, 2022

Part 10 – Soul and Death; Part 11 – Soul and Freedom – The path of sacrifice, Jumping mouse; Part 12 – Soul and Initiation – Overcoming despair, Hiawatha

The Alchemy of Holy Week

By Dennis Klocek | March 30, 2023

In the yearly cycle the events of Holy Week can be the source of profound meditations on the relationship between pain and suffering on one hand and joy and gratitude on the other. Using indications from the work of Emil Bock on the daily events of Holy Week as a foundation, this weekend workshop will be composed of meditative pictures from alchemical sources of the planetary forces that serve as backdrop for the Christ drama. The focus of the work will be to explore alchemical imagery that is in harmony with the Easter celebration of the victory of life over death.

Gems and Plants for Healing Chronic Illness – Greenwood Gathering

By Dennis Klocek | February 9, 2023

This two-day workshop brought together those who are actively engaged in growing medicinal plants to share space with persons who are actively involved in the healing arts and in education. Presentations on greenwood selection and fermentation as well as demonstrations of selection, equipment and techniques for ultra-fine semi-precious gem grinding and filtering were given. The presentations focused on best practices.

Transformation of Substance

By Dennis Klocek | September 6, 2022

Using the four elements theory, Dennis explores the alchemical relationships between natural forces and human consciousness. He takes us on a journey using the language of alchemy into the smallest interactions in the mineral world and then through the elements out into the cosmos, sharing imaginative exercises and practices for personal work to improve your perception of these forces. With this new vision, the true meaning of “turning lead into gold” becomes clear.

Perceiving the Spirit of the Natural World

By Dennis Klocek | December 17, 2022

Perceiving the Spirit in the Natural World – Frey Vineyard Jan 2014 Contemporary science, with its focus on the gathering of abstract data as a means for the perception of natural phenomena, tends to promote the view that nature is simply a resource to be exploited. Earlier civilizations tended to see the phenomena of nature…

Reading the Secret Script of Life

By Dennis Klocek | January 24, 2023

The political, social, environmental, and economic issues of the present time are rooted in polarities engendered by abstract, cause-and-effect thinking. The perception of the flow of life as strings of abstractions results in a mass mind that is locked into endless cycles of unsolvable polarities.

This workshop with Dennis Klocek will explore the roots of abstraction and then move towards morphological exercises that form the basis for the capacity to “read” the esoteric script.

Neurology and Education

By Dennis Klocek | January 21, 2022

Dennis surveys the history of the study human consciousness and compares older concepts with contemporary neurological discoveries regarding learning difficulties and limbic structures in the brain.