Healing Anointing Ritual for the Holy Nights

December 16, 2022
By Ben Klocek 1 min read

During Soul Course Part 9: Soul and Ceremony, Dennis shared a healing ritual and a recipe for an anointing oil [PDF]. The hope is that more healing personal wishes for self and other will blossom out of this practice.

This is such a sweet, loving practice, I intend to make the oil blend and perform the ritual for my children and my wife each night of the Holy Nights. 

Some of you asked about where to get essential oils. 

Dennis often makes his own, but my family uses Young Living Essential Oils for many things from cleaning to healing because they grow their own plants organically and harvest, distill, and test with intention that the pure oils are used for body and soul. 

Of Dennis’ suggested oils, they offer yarrow and angelica, but they don’t make a mugwort or sagebrush essential oil.

You could also use one of their blends (White Angelica Blend or Harmony Blend would be good for this purpose) for a more economical option. Their blends are amazing! Details here: https://tinyurl.com/soulcourse3anointingoils

Sweet Blessings!


UPDATE: Some Soil, Soul and Spirit community members also shared the following oil resources:

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Ben Klocek

Ben has been helping is dad, Dennis, publish his work online since 2000. Naturalist, designer, teacher, gardener.

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