Welcome to the website of Dennis Klocek, artist, scientist, teacher, researcher, gardener, and alchemist. Here you will find lecture downloads, art prints for sale (not available yet), articles to read, and more.

Dennis' work focuses on soul work, meditation, consciousness and physiology, biodynamic gardening, weather, and teaching.


School of Artisanal Alchemy

Lecture Downloads

Recent Articles

Metals as Cosmic Sense Organs

By Dennis Klocek | August 24, 2023

Metals are cosmic activities that have come down to live in physical bodies. They are only barely incarnated. Sense organs themselves are very incarnated but the activities of the sense…

Video: Fava Bean Plant Spray for Boosting Growth

By Dennis Klocek | July 17, 2023

This easy-to-make plant spray is excellent for boosting plants. It works great to get a second harvest. It’s good used on plants like Lemon Balm or Helichrysum when harvesting for…

Study Notes for Membrane Transport (For making your own liposomal sprays)

By Dennis Klocek | June 21, 2023

Liposomes can trap both hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances and unstable compounds (for example, antimicrobials, antioxidants, flavors and bioactive elements). Proteins creating transport channels across phospholipid membranes, mitochondrial and chloroplast inner…

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