Human Phantom Workshop

Lecture by Dennis Klocek
August 2009, Denver, CO
Related to Soul Health, Spiritual Paths
Type: | Posted Aug 16, 2009
$48.00 - 6 Lectures

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The human phantom is a concept given by Rudolf Steiner to describe the body of life forces that was the original plan for the sense activities of the human being before the fall created the complications of illness and death. Esoteric students in the Rosicrucian tradition strive to recreate the phantom again in their soul life by working with exercises to transform the daily life in the sense world. The practice of transformation can be called sacred sleeping.  This workshop addresses the issue of the fall of humanity from paradise, its implications for human life and the techniques of sacred sleep.

  • Lecture 1
    Subjective and objective consciousness, imaginative cognition, the drama in Heaven, the Trinity, Hierarchies, Old Saturn, the senses, the human Phantom, the Fall of Man
  • Lecture 2
    The human Phantom, matter different than physical, Trinity and Hierarchy recap, Nicholas of Cusa, limits of intellect, the infinite, Rosicrucian imaginative meditation
  • Lecture 3
    Mental image and the fall of Man, deed of Christ, ash in sense organs, etherizing blood, protective heart exercise, lifting salt from ash in the soul, projective geometry, the new mysteries, resurrecting the phantom.
  • Lecture 4
    Issues of spiritual research, alchemical method of analogy, human / cosmos: micro / macro, embryonic stages, Adam Kadmon, continental drift, Pangea, fetal skull, the Sorat being, shadow of the Phantom.
  • Lecture 5 – Given separately
    Metamorphosis of the form in occult science, Form in philosophy, Burned and Devoured God, Husserl, Scattered and Buried God, Brentano, Goethe, symbols, Thomas Aquinas, alchemical speculum, Plato, essentialism.
  • Lecture 6 – Given separately
    The “Form” of the shadow.

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Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at

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