Developing a Weather Eye

Expand your vision to include the the life process of planet earth. Join Dennis as he teaches how to develop your own weather eye, using cloud observations, simple physics, and old weather sayings.

Learn how to read weather maps, so you are not reliant on the fickle weather reports, which so often seem to disappoint.

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Balancing Sensation and Digestion – Video Series

This three-part series by Dennis Klocek explores the relationship between good digestion and the blood’s ability to interact with cellular metabolism from the point of view of temperamental patterns in the life organs, the digestive organs and the qualitative influence of the daily sense activity on overall health.

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Truth, Lies and Illness – Video Series

This presentation by Dennis Klocek traces how lies impede the ability of the nervous system to achieve balance and suggests some remedial practices to guard against the failure of immune response that is a biological symptom of a “post-truth” epidemic of world wide lying.

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