Video Series: Plant Sprays

August 24, 2021
By Ben Klocek 2 min read

This new series is the result of several days spent with Dennis over 6 months, in which he shared how the plant sprays he uses affect growth, how to make them, and some tricks he’s learned along the way.

Video 1: Why Use Plant Sprays? Secrets to abundant oil, flower and fruit production in the garden.

Dennis takes us around his garden, sharing when, why and how he’s using plant sprays to increase the productivity of his medicinal plants.

Video 2: Making a Simple, Natural, Growth Hormone Plant Spray (AKA Rejuvelac and Coconut Water)

Dennis shows us how to create an effective natural growth hormone plant spray using ingredients easy to find at any grocery store.

Video 3: Advanced Plant Sprays

Dennis takes us deeper into creating plant sprays by fermenting the Basic Spray into a vinegar which can be used as the base for specialized sprays. Specialized sprays can be created for essential oil production, flower or fruit production, or even regulating growth patterns.

Video 4: Fermentation Q/A: Overview of Rejuvelac, Vinegar “Mothers”, Yeast, and Medicinal Fermentation

Dennis does a fermentation overview to answer some of the most frequent questions he gets about fermentation for plant sprays or medicinal tonics.


Ben Klocek

Ben has been helping is dad, Dennis, publish his work online since 2000. Naturalist, designer, teacher, gardener.


  1. Zeming Chan on August 25, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    Hello from ” down- under” aka Australia🦜🦜🦜👣👣 so glad to have Dennis s healing presence , and your support /contact esp in these challenging times… lots of gardening …. and cooking . “Tree paste” prep we have also in b- d preps , can Dennis give some advice . With heartfelt greetings Stay well and safe Tzeming Chan Sydney

  2. maria cecilia bonna on August 30, 2021 at 7:05 am

    Dear Dennis, very thankfull to see and hear from you. I am in a hard time. Last week, during my Parsifal trip with the teenagers from Brasília city, I fall down and had broken my femur and shoulder very badly. Now I am back home having very little possibilities to move by myself. See your videos, almost make me feel less pain and to work inside filling in my soul with gratitude and good memories from your lessons in the course Goethean Studies.
    I wish you very healthy.
    Whit my best wishes for you,
    Cecilia Bonna

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