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  • nine-subtle-bodies

    The Nine Subtle Bodies – Full Course

    Biology, Feeling, Geometry, Initiation, Soul, Subtle Bodies, Thinking, Willing $96.00
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  • family-dynamic

    Transforming Inherited Beliefs: Family Values

    Beliefs, Biography, Family, Transformation $40.00
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  • Sacred-Ag-Keynote

    Sacred Agriculture Keynote Speech at 2012 Biodynamics Conference

    Biodynamics, Healing, Nature, sacred agriculture
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  • parenting-as-initiation

    Parenting as Initiation

    Education, Initiation, Parenting
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  • Psychosophy Keynote

    Psychosophy Keynote

    Consciousness, Myth, Sophia
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  • color-course-icon

    Colors of the Human Soul Course

    Color, Healing, Perception, Soul, Theory $100.00
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  • alchemical-wedding

    Alchemical Wedding Course

    Alchemy, Rosicrucian, Soul $36.00
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  • studibeerhurstbbmarie

    Esoteric Fundamentals of Education

    Education, Sense Perception, Special Needs $35.00
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  • small rit dead icon

    Honoring the Dead

    Death, Loss $24.00
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  • core-biodynamic-principles

    Core Principles of Biodynamics

    Agriculture, Biodynamics $24.00
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  • healing-meditations

    Healing Meditations

    Healing, Meditation, Protection $24.00
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  • degas-absinthe

    Dealing with Addiction Workshop

    Addiction $24.00
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  • harmonies-of-storms-cover

    The Harmonies of Storms PDF Ebook

    Climate, Imagination, Patterns $13.00
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  • mystery wisdom set

    Mystery Wisdom Introduction

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  • esoteric-physiology-icon

    Esoteric Physiology Course

    Chakras, Embryology, Physiology $70.00
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  • Planting-calendar-icon

    To Every Season Turn, Turn

    Agriculture, Biodynamics, Moon $40.00
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  • Scientific-Spiriitual-Research

    Scientific Research, Spiritual Research

    Agriculture, Alchemy, Biodynamics, Research $20.00
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  • micro-macro

    Macro and Micro – The Action of the Etheric Forces in Nature

    Agriculture, Biodynamics, Etheric, Patterns $30.00
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  • Keplers_supernova

    Human Phantom Workshop

    Consciousness, Phantom, Sense Perception $40.00
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  • Rosicrucian-Meditation-Icon

    Rosicrucian Meditation Course

    Imagination, Meditation, Rosicrucian, Soul $90.00
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  • creativity-teaching

    Creativity in Teaching

    Meditation, Teaching $20.00
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  • human in nature icon

    The Human in Nature: child, spouse or steward

    Human, Nature $7.00
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  • Principles of BD Preps 2009

    Principles of the Biodynamic Preparations

    Biodynamics, Preparations $33.00
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  • myth of me icon

    Myth of Me Workshop

    Myth, Self $40.00
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  • holly-sacred-agriculture

    Sacred Agriculture

    Agriculture, Imagination $30.00
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  • great-passage--copy-6

    The Great Passage

    Consciousness, Death $46.00
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  • mentor-workshop

    On Mentoring

    Communication, Mentoring $20.00
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  • black-madonna

    Black Madonna Lecture

    Anthroposophia, Black Madonna, Self Transformation, Thinking, Will $20.00
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  • 1411134753055

    Agricultural Alchemy

    Agriculture, Alchemy, Biodynamics $25.00
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