Chronic Pain & Esoteric Initiation


Fair Oaks, CA
Nov 2019


The center for disease control estimates that 60 million people in the US experience daily chronic pain limiting their ability to participate in life activities. That is one in every four people. Medical solutions revolve around pain medications that have their own impact on health with long term use.

Chronic pain evolves from body issues to soul issues of fear, anxiety and depression. Rudolf Steiner’s famous phrase that wisdom is crystallized pain points at a way to understand this widespread issue. We will explore the esoteric principles in the search for wisdom out of chronic pain.

Lecture 1:
Pain patterns in the life of the soul

Lecture 2:
Placebo effect and the role of alternative remedies

Lecture 3:
Physiology of the triple cooker in traditional healing

Lecture 4:
Lymph, blood, pathogens and the immune system

Lecture 5:
Inflammation and the four temperaments

Lecture 6:
Essential oil recipes and actions in healing

Lecture 7:
Astral body and life body, prayer as healing


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