Colors of the Human Soul Course


This course represents the fruits of a life long study of the healing forces present in color by Dennis Klocek. The intent is to build a bridge between the laws of color represented in the sciences and the potentials for color therapy in psychology. The bridge consists of the range of archetypal feelings generated by the array of colors found in a twelve tone spectrum. The sequence of the lectures is designed to illustrate how color as a physical phenomenon can be understood as a symbol of the deeper soul constitutions that serve as the dynamic keys to the process of individuation.

May, 2012November, 2012


Topics include:

  • color as soul mood
  • the colored gel survey for archetypal constitutions
  • Goethe and Newton prism experiments
  • Yakim and Boaz- the pillars to the temple of Solomon
  • art historical survey of color theories of the old masters
  • archetypal colors of the sunrise
  • homeopathy, flower essences and color
  • colored shadow experiments of Goethe
  • the grotto imagination of Liane  Collot D’herbois
  • the Edwin Land experiment from Scientific American
  • Dinshah Ghadiali spectrochrome healing system
  • Catherine Coulter portraits of the twelve homeopathic constitutions
  • Detmar Kramer and New Bach flower therapies
  • painting therapy color exercise
  • Rudolf Steiner’s color theory

Listen to a preview:

  • Lecture 1 – Overview
    Rosicrucian initiation and imagination, Yakim and Boaz as red and blue, the beings of color
  • Lecture 2 – Soul Moods
    Sensation and perception polarity in the human soul
  • Lecture 3 – Color in Art
    Survey of the use of color theory in art history from Rome to contemporary art
  • Lecture 4 – Prism Experiment
    Newton and Goethe in the prism experiments
  • Lecture 5 – Turbid Medium
    theory of the turbid medium, Plato Timaeus, dynamic color of the old masters
  • Lecture 6 – Glory Sunrise
    color and the senses, the glory phenomenon, the sunrise
  • Lecture 7 – Colored Shadows
    esoteric roots of color perception, seeing the aura, colored shadow experiment
  • Lecture 8 – Color Intensity
    Yakim and Boaz verse, Edwin Land from Scientific American magazine, enlivening the senses, Goethe intensity of color
  • Lecture 9 – Grotto
    The principle of the grotto of the 12 tone spectrum
  • Lecture 10 – Dinsha and Coulter
    Dinsha Ghadiali healing research, Helen Coulter, homeopathic constitutions
  • Lecture 11 – Circle of Yearning
    Polar homeopathic color constitutions, the circle of yearning
  • Lecture 12 – Indigo Orange
    Homeopathic soul polarities, indigo: loss of enthusiasm, orange: arsenic, perfection
  • Lecture 13 – Turquoise
    Therapeutic painting exercise, turquoise, natrum muriaticum, truth teller
  • Lecture 14 – Carmine Yellow
    Carmine: pulsatilla, devotion, Violet: sepia, spiritual perception, Yellow: phosphorus, the actor
  • Lecture 15 – Purple Lemon
    Yakim and Boaz meditation, symbolic thinking, purple and lemon
  • Lecture 16 – Vermillion Cobalt
    School of Michael, flexibility of soul, vermilion:sulfur and cobalt:calc carb
  • Lecture 17 – Flower Essence & Homeopathics
    Flower essences, homeopathics, and color
  • Lecture 18 -Steiner Color Theory
    Enlivening the senses, ensouling the life organs, Steiner’s color theory