Medicinal Plants – Alchemical Analogs – September 2018


This is four lectures on spagyric principles and how to work with simple gear to get high quality remedies and sprays.

Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, 2018




These presentations develop the creation of analogs as the basis for science into actual harvest and processing protocols based on plant time body gestures.

  1. The time body of plants, alchemical NPK, potash, nitrogen, phosphorus
  2. Rhythmic terpene enhancement  through pruning and spraying protocols, influence of temperature, alchemical digestion, solvent polarities in extractions
  3. Polarity of water and oil, phenolics, terpenes, energy pathways, bain marie management of extracting processes
  4. Reading plant gesture as a door to understanding quality, shocking and drying herbs, lunar harvest principles, creating tinctures, extracts, elixirs


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