Sacred Agriculture


Practicing Sacred Agriculture

Viroqua, WI
July, 2011

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In past times the development of agriculture arose out of the teachings of the mystery schools. The cultivation of crops and animals was a way of linking human existence with the work of the divine world. The focus went beyond simply producing foodstuffs. Work on the land was simultaneously work on the relationship between the human being and the cosmos. In this way agriculture had a sacred dimension. The question is, can this sense of the sacred be discovered again today in the pressurized demands of production oriented agriculture?

The Agriculture Course of Rudolf Steiner provides a direction that can contribute to a renewal of the sense of the sacred when engaged with the daily work on the land. The key is to be able to transform the concepts in the book into living imaginations that are developed through inner exercises. Through practice, the inner eye of the heart opens to the more subtle forces moving through the spirit of the place in which we work.

  • Lecture 1
    Natural will and human will, Cain and Abel, agrarian revolution, elemental world, Shakespeare, the egg of consciousness
  • Lecture 2
    Dreaming into nature, slavery, history of agriculture, crops as commodities, Dust Bowl, feeling / dreaming exercises, imaginative consciousness
  • Lecture 3
    Species as spiritual ideas, synthetic fertilizer, plant archetypes , principles of phenomenology, dandelion flowering process exercise
  • Lecture 4
    Magic, binding ritual, temple sleep, three levels of the elemental world, perception exercise towards imaginative cognition
  • Lecture 5
    The Rosicrucian Stream in Anthroposophy, Sophia, spirits of time rotation, poly-rhythm, lunar motion, esoteric role of America, the Strader machine