Scientific Research, Spiritual Research


Work with the land, plants, and animals is greatly enhanced when one eye is kept on the practical aspects and one on the spiritual. This workshop highlights research techniques that use the alchemical mandala of the four elements to gain insight into patterns of the physical world. These same research techniques can then be used in contemplative approaches to problem solving through the development of enhanced imaginative capacities.

Benziger Family Winery in Glen Ellen, CA
March, 2010


  • Lecture 1
    hypothesis, experimental method of science, phenomenological research principles
  • Lecture 2
    working with rhythms, Lawrence Edwards planetary plant research, lunar declination rhythms, atmospheric tides, eclipse influences on climate, harmony of the spheres, drought study 2007
  • Lecture 3
    proof in science, form and rhythm, Charles Darwin and feral cats, initial input principle, iteration and repetition, form as rhythm, plant antennas, form as rhythm yields substance, morphological analogs, collecting data, visualization process