Developing a Weather Eye – A Video Weather Course




Expand your vision to include the the life process of planet earth. Join Dennis as he teaches how to develop your own weather eye, using cloud observations, simple physics, and old weather sayings.

Learn how to read weather maps, so you are not reliant on the fickle weather reports, which so often seem to disappoint.


Part 1 – Developing a Weather Eye

Learn the principles of how to predict a trend change by looking at cloud formations.

Part 2 – Big Air Mass Movement

Learn the terms and movements of big air masses in order to understand trends 3-5 days out.

Part 3 – Weather Gates and Front Genesis

Learn how topography affects the way the jet stream moves across land and how that forms weather fronts.

Part 4 – Air Mass Development

Learn how the jet stream and heating/cooling of air masses causes highs and lows. Why do highs circulate one way and lows another?

Part 5 – Front Genesis and Reading the Signals

Learn how the interaction of high pressure areas and low pressure areas create weather “fronts” and what the direction of the wind can tell you about how they are moving.

Part 6 – Weather Sayings

What’s the wisdom in  weather sayings? Can old people tell the weather from their bones?


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