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Video Series: Plant Sprays

By Ben Klocek August 24, 2021

This new series is the result of several days spent with Dennis over 6 months, in which he shared how the plant sprays he uses affect growth, how to make them, and some tricks he’s learned along the way. Video 1: Why Use Plant Sprays? Secrets to abundant oil, flower and fruit production in the…

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Biodynamics, Art and Ritual

By Dennis Klocek September 17, 2020

Artists who have worked for a long time can confirm that overcoming the trials of the two tyrannies is difficult. The first trial is the tyranny of the white. This is the sinking feeling that the first stroke on a drawing or the first strike of a chisel has set in motion a destruction process.…

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A Path Towards Earth Stewardship

By Dennis Klocek June 11, 2020

If there is a potential benefit from the current health issues globally it might be that having a garden in your backyard now seems like a good idea. It’s interesting to muse over this trend as an evolutionary sequence for human beings. To help do that, imagine a woman who is part of an aboriginal…

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The Heart of Clay

By Dennis Klocek August 16, 2010 Comments Off on The Heart of Clay

It has been said that by working the soil it is possible to do in a few years what would take nature thousands of years to accomplish. Intensive soil cultivation and the addition of proper soil amendments can aggregate sandy soil to give it more crumb or open heavy lime marls to give them more…

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Stone Antennae: Analogs of electrostatic capacitance antennae

By Dennis Klocek August 9, 2010 Comments Off on Stone Antennae: Analogs of electrostatic capacitance antennae

The use of stone towers in the ancient world went beyond the militaristic function of turrets on castles. In many cultures the stone tower was a kind of induction antenna for cosmic forces. Cosmic forces from the stars were generally held to be the source of fertility in the land. Towers or even upright stones…

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Silica and Clay Polarity

By Dennis Klocek August 8, 2010 Comments Off on Silica and Clay Polarity

Silica is the light pole in the minerals. It is a kind of flowering process in the mineral realm since silica in plant growth enhances the refined properties that light brings to plants. Photosynthesis requires light for its action. The light interacts with the flavonoids (phenols and tannins) and anthocyanins (blue and red pigments that…

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Amethyst Spray

By Dennis Klocek August 5, 2010 Comments Off on Amethyst Spray

In the summer of 1993 an experiment was undertaken to see if the potentization of the gem amethyst would have an effect upon plant growth in the climatic niche of the central valley of California. The goal was to see if a variation of the 501 spray could be made which would provide a more…

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Experimental Process for Enhancing Drought Tolerance and Fungus Resistance in Plants

By Dennis Klocek August 1, 2010 Comments Off on Experimental Process for Enhancing Drought Tolerance and Fungus Resistance in Plants

In the life of a plant alcohols play an important role in the maturation and fruiting process. They also form the basis for the protective wax cuticle that keeps the plant free from insect and fungus attack. Plant wax in the form of the cuticle surrounding the surfaces of leaves and stems of plants also…

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Silica – Substance and Process

By Dennis Klocek July 16, 2010 Comments Off on Silica – Substance and Process

This article was presented as a lecture at the annual Biodynamic Conference at Sacramento in 1989. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  That short sentence – the first sentence in the gospel of St. John – very accurately describes what we’ve been studying for…

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Tree Painting as an Esoteric Deed

By Dennis Klocek July 1, 2010 Comments Off on Tree Painting as an Esoteric Deed

This article addresses the gardeners out there who have a little time to engage in a practice that might seem like at total waste of time to a busy agriculturalist. Ever since I read an article in an old Bio-Dynamic magazine on the blood and milk method I have been trying to work out a…

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