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Climate change debate; can we turn down the heat?

By Dennis Klocek / July 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Climate change debate; can we turn down the heat?

There are many ways to think about the climate change debate and almost all of them lead to paradox and polarization. At the physical level of the debate, there are those who say that “greenhouse” gases have increased dramatically since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Greenhouse gasses are gasses that trap warmth in the…

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The Alchemical Mandala

By Dennis Klocek / July 31, 2008 / Comments Off on The Alchemical Mandala

The charts for the alchemical journey of self transformation often take the form of a mandala or sacred wheel. This is because the sacred journey never ends. It also usually brings you back to where you started but the second time around you know where you have been. The mandala is a dynamic map of…

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