Sacred Agriculture Keynote Speech at 2012 Biodynamics Conference

By Dennis Klocek October 8, 2012
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This keynote address given in Madison Wisconsin at the National Biodynamic Conference began with an explanation of how numinous experience of the transcendent dimension of nature is transformed into an experience of the sacredness of nature through understanding. The idea was enlarged into a description of the difference between the ancient hunter religion and the…

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The Human in Nature: child, spouse or steward

By Dennis Klocek February 8, 2009
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The subject of this lecture was the changing relationship between human beings and the natural world from Neolithic times until the present age of global environmental awareness. Topics include, something has changed in humans, Zen, Shinto, the oracle and the agent, Paleolithic, Neolithic, bronze age evidence of polarities between technology and religion, is an arrowhead…

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