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Patterns in Research – Angelica Archangelica

Angelica research This article was instigated by an initial study done to acclimatize the herb angelica archangelica into California. Angelica is native to high altitudes and high latitudes. In these rather harsh environments the demand made on the harvesting of the plant root has created a concern among plant scientists has put the plant on…

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Storm of the Centry 1979

The atmosphere is a river of air flowing above our heads in ceaseless meandering currents and eddies. The patient observer can come to recognize what are known as singularities in the deceptively chaotic flow of this great river of air. A singularity is a pattern that repeats itself in subtle but recognizable sequences. Most often…

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Interview with Dennis Klocek on Climate Study for Das Goetheanum

This interview by Alexander Rist for the European magazine Das Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland happened just after Hurricane Katrina when there was a renewed interest in climate study. Alexander Rist: When did you start to pay attention to weather phenomena? What was triggering the decision to start your research in this area, what was your…

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