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Learning to Become Ourselves for the Next Generation

By Dennis Klocek April 8, 2022
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From conception to birth a child is following a spiritual mission that is the task of the I being or True Self. The mission is the intent of the spiritual entity that lives between lives. Between birth and 18 months, a child looks to adults as powerful representatives of the divine or spiritual world from…

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The Healing Power of Symbols

By Dennis Klocek September 6, 2021
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This workshop with Dennis Klocek explores some of the foundational principles that allow us to choose and employ symbols to relieve stress and promote healing.

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Transforming Inherited Beliefs: Family Values – Audio Lecture Set

By Dennis Klocek December 1, 2013
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This course addresses the common issue of how to transform beliefs and values that were part of the family of origin influences in childhood.

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