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Silica – Substance and Process

By Dennis Klocek July 16, 2010 Comments Off on Silica – Substance and Process

This article was presented as a lecture at the annual Biodynamic Conference at Sacramento in 1989. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  That short sentence – the first sentence in the gospel of St. John – very accurately describes what we’ve been studying for…

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Tree Painting as an Esoteric Deed

By Dennis Klocek July 1, 2010 Comments Off on Tree Painting as an Esoteric Deed

This article addresses the gardeners out there who have a little time to engage in a practice that might seem like at total waste of time to a busy agriculturalist. Ever since I read an article in an old Bio-Dynamic magazine on the blood and milk method I have been trying to work out a…

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The Alchemical Mandala

By Dennis Klocek July 31, 2008 Comments Off on The Alchemical Mandala

The charts for the alchemical journey of self transformation often take the form of a mandala or sacred wheel. This is because the sacred journey never ends. It also usually brings you back to where you started but the second time around you know where you have been. The mandala is a dynamic map of…

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The Alchemical Worldview

By Dennis Klocek July 30, 2008 Comments Off on The Alchemical Worldview

Esoterically the central task of the human being is to achieve what is known as the second birth, or what is known to students of Rudolf Steiner as the birth of the “I” being. Our first birth is into a body of flesh. This is given to us by nature working through our parents. The…

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