Video: Solar Length of Day (LOD) Tutorial

December 31, 2021
By Ben Klocek

Dennis teaches us about the most important plant rhythm, solar length of day, and how that can be used in planning your planting calendar.

The best website to calculate length of day is USNO Duration of Daylight/Darkness Table. Unfortunately, at the moment that site is down. The following sites can also calculate solar length of day, but are less convenient and easy to use.


Ben Klocek

Ben has been helping is dad, Dennis, publish his work online since 2000. Naturalist, designer, teacher, gardener.

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  1. Sayo Iseri on January 1, 2022 at 12:49 pm

    Hi Dennis and Ben
    Happy New Year
    Thank you for the pre lecture. I am looking forward to learn new knowledge.

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