Welcome to the website of Dennis Klocek, artist, scientist, teacher, researcher, gardener, and alchemist. Dennis' work focuses on soul work, meditation, consciousness and physiology, biodynamic gardening, weather, and teaching.


Current Online Series:
Alchemical Dew, Pathogens and Immune Response

Part 1 : January 4, 2022

School of Soil, Soul and Spirit

Essays, Articles, Videos and more on BioDynamics, Mineral and Plant Alchemy, Body Health, Soul Health, Alchemy and Natural Sciences, and Spiritual Paths.

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Working with the Mask

By Dennis Klocek | January 4, 2022

In the beginning stage of nigredo or blackness, a soul alchemist comes into contact with the roots of personality. Persona in Greek refers to the mask that the actors spoke…

Working Out in the Soul Gym

By Dennis Klocek | January 4, 2022

Finding it difficult to lug your suitcase upstairs? Work out a few times a week at the gym and your suitcase soon begins to feel lighter! Likewise, going to the…

Klocek Vision Board Exercise

By Dennis Klocek | January 4, 2022

Spend a half-hour rummaging through old magazines for any picture that strikes a chord in the imagination. There is to be no associative thought in this process just a journey…

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