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Freedom, Giveaway and the Task of the Human

By Dennis Klocek | May 23, 2023

Back in the day, way back in the day, the Creator had a dream. And the Great Creator had a dream to make a being that could create in freedom.…

The Book of Trials: On the Path to Seeing the Nature of Spirit

By Dennis Klocek | February 6, 2023

All those who seek to understand the world through the workings of spirit will meet the Guardian of the Threshold, who shows us our own true inner nature, the noble…

Turning Living Nature Imagination Inward

By Ben Klocek | January 25, 2023

Thank you for your replies to this series on Goethe, phenomenology, and the etheric. I’m so pleased at the interest As I alluded to in my last email, it’s time to…