Welcome to the website of Dennis Klocek, artist, scientist, teacher, researcher, gardener, and alchemist. Here you will find lecture downloads, art prints for sale (not available yet), articles to read, and more.

Dennis' work focuses on soul work, meditation, consciousness and physiology, biodynamic gardening, weather, and teaching.


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Essays, Articles, Videos and more on BioDynamics, Mineral and Plant Alchemy, Body Health, Soul Health, and Alchemy and Natural Sciences

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Recent Articles

Video: Seedling to Table – Growing Cabbage, Making Kraut

By Dennis Klocek | January 11, 2021

Learn the tricks and tips from Dennis Klocek, master gardener, for how to grow, harvest, and process cabbage into sauerkraut.

Video: Working with Solar Rhythms – Planting Cabbages out of Season

By Dennis Klocek | January 11, 2021

What agricultural magic can we work when working with the solar rhythms? Follow Dennis into his garden to learn how using the number of hours in a day (solar length…

What is alchemy?

By Dennis Klocek | January 11, 2021

Mention the word alchemy and most people would imagine some crazy guy trying to change lead into gold. While that is true “Lead” and “Gold” in alchemical symbolism are code…

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