Freedom, Giveaway and the Task of the Human

May 23, 2023
By Dennis Klocek 3 min read

Back in the day, way back in the day, the Creator had a dream. And the Great Creator had a dream to make a being that could create in freedom. And the name of that being was the World Mineral Plant Animal Human. The World Mineral Plant Animal Human was given the gift to create in freedom, but the Great Creator understood that you can’t give freedom from the outside. It has to come to the inside.

So the Great Creator created a place for the World Mineral Plant Animal Human to work out freedom. And that’s called the Earth. And the way the Earth would interact with the World Mineral Plant Animal Human is to create a limitation on the freedom, because the Great Creator understood it’s only through limitation that we rise to the occasion of creating out of freedom. So the Earth was a place where this being the World Mineral Plant Animal Human, had to work out limitation.

Now the World Mineral Plant Animal was another spiritual being and recognized that it too needed to do a giveaway in order for the World Mineral Plant Animal Human to get freedom.

So the World Mineral Plant Animal gave away freedom in order to live in wisdom, and then the World Mineral Plant was was also inspired by that giveaway. And the World Mineral Plant said, I’m going to give away wisdom to live in beauty. And the World Mineral was inspired by that giveaway and said, I’m going to give away everything to serve all of you.

And this was very inspiring.

And then the Great Creator had another dream. And the dream of that Great Creator was, I need to reward these giveaways. So the Great Creator allowed the World Mineral to have a spirit that lived in the highest heavens because its giveaway was the most profound. And the World Creator gave the spirit of the World Mineral Plant a place to live in a slightly lower heaven, and it was also a very beautiful giveaway.

And the spirit of the World Mineral Plant Animal also was awarded a place in a realm that we call the planets so that it could take Venus and make a kidney and Jupiter and make a liver and become an animal. And when these spiritual beings were given these places by the Great Creator, the Earth became a place of shadows of the World Mineral and the World Mineral Plant.

And so the great being understood that the earth was to be a place of shadow, of limitation, where the beings who lived there would see through their eyes and hear and taste that they were all separate from one another. And that became the limitation of the World Mineral Plant Animal Human, but the World Mineral Plant Animal Human, because it had freedom to create, was given a place by the Great Creator in the place of shadows where that being could have the spirit inside its own body, and that is the human spirit.

And then the great creator had another dream, and it was that the human spirit would awaken to the fact that the human spirit had to do giveaway and honor all the other giveaways. So the human spirit had to go and become the shepherd and the steward of all the animals and honor the grandfathers, the spiritual nature of the animals, and take into themselves the great spiritual qualities of all the animals. That’s totem.

And then the human spirit had to enter into the plant, and understand that they had to bring the beauty of the plants into wisdom and make medicines for healing. And the last task of the human is to do giveaway in order to enter into the mineral realm.

And in a mineral realm today, the human is trying to do this, but we have the shadow of the mineral realm, and that’s the way in which we use mineral. To take forces from the earth, we treat the earth as a resource instead of a spirit. But the future of the human is that when the human awakens, they will be able to see the actual being of the earth as a spirit, and they will become something that that alchemist called the alchemical stone.

Human consciousness will become so clear and so lawful, and so ordered that we will become jewels. Each human will be a jewel, will be an alchemical stone, will live a wonderful ordered life in lawfulness, and then the sacrifice and giveaway of the minerals, the sacrifice and the giveaway of the plants, the sacrifice and the giveaway of the animals will not be for naught because the human spirit and the earth spirit will be one.

So I wish for you, that the Earth Spirit blesses your work, that the Earth Spirit blesses your family and that the Earth Spirit gives you the strength to awaken in others.

Listen to the full lecture: Living Earth : Living Climate.


Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at

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