Gems and Plants for Healing Chronic Illness – Greenwood Gathering

Lecture by Dennis Klocek
January 2023, Frey Vineyard, Redwood Valley, CA
Related to Biodynamics, Body Health, Mineral and Plant Alchemy, Soul Health
Type: Video | Posted Feb 9, 2023

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The theme of this workshop employs a different way of looking at science. By looking at the way gems and plants grow (their “becoming”), rather than breaking them down into their constituent parts, we can find life gestures that can aid in healing chronic diseases.

Using gems and plants with particular gestures of “becoming”, we can create sprays to enhance the growing of medicinal plants and make medicines that match the “becoming” of chronic illnesses, healing them with gentle remedies with no side-effects.

Hormones are seasonally active in greenwood shoots, and select shoots can be harvested at particular points using solar length of day. These can be fermented to create foliar sprays for cultivated medicinal plants. Dennis also shares the results of twenty years of research into micro-gem applications of foliar sprays, which can be wedded to the greenwood sprays for enhanced medicinal properties.

This two-day workshop brought together those who are actively engaged in growing medicinal plants to share space with persons who are actively involved in the healing arts and in education. Presentations on greenwood selection and fermentation as well as demonstrations of selection, equipment and techniques for ultra-fine semi-precious gem grinding and filtering were given. The presentations focused on best practices.

The intent was to raise a collaborative consciousness of the links between the natural order in minerals and plants and their mirroring in health, education and healing potentials for humans.

This workshop forms an introduction three online courses given over the next few years. One will be on the theory and production of plant and mineral analogs. Another will focus on the alchemical basis of temperaments and health. A third will extensively cover the application of combinations of micro-gems and essential oils for the purpose of ritually exploring human biography with others.

Part 1 – What is an analog?

Abstract/wholeness, fixed/flow, data/life gesture, final forms/”becomings”.


Part 2 – Imagining plant analogs 

Gem formation, silica forms, metal fluxes, plant meristem/gem analogs, metal salts, gems for plant growth, form and flux.


Part 3 – Building mineral/plant analogs

Cell similarity, greenwood shoots, fixing form/expansive growth, plant hormones: auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin, solar length of day, fulvic acid.


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